By Lisa Barry

Saturday, 14 January 2017

My Go To 2017 Products So Far .....

     Improve your daily look with very little effort 


 No.1 : Charlotte Tilbury 

Honestly the first time I heard of the great Charlotte Tilbury was this year when a section opened up at my local Brown Thomas and my first impression was "WOW". Everything looked so glam and rose gold ( my fav) but the the prices came into play. At first I was hesitant to purchase but I just said you gotta try sometime... and thankfully I did because these products are now some of my favourites!
I purchased the "All in one Makeup Kit" which supposedly only takes five minutes to transform you into your desired look...however being more realistic it takes me much longer as my skin isn't as even as all those models in her photos but hey we can try, right? even at that these products are amazing quality, they smell really great and the girls at the counter are always very helpful, making sure you choose the right products for your skin tone and needs!
The Kit is priced at 65.00 which may seem like a lot at first but if you look at everything you get in the kit, the price is actually very good value!

One of my favourite products is the Wonder glow, while this is just a sample size a little goes a long way with this product! It can be worn on its own, under or over your makeup to create a glowing  look!

 Self tan and gradual tan 

One Word.... amazing! 

I've tried so many different tans throughout my teen years and it has taken me this long to find the one tan that I can't fault. Everything from the scent to the ease of application makes this tan my number one!

If you want a tan that builds up gradually creating a sun kissed glow then you should opt for the Gradual Everyday Body Lotion, this tan builds up very evenly and gives a stunning glow to the skin. While a lot of tans mask your skin tone, this tan is different  it simply gives your natural skin tone a healthy sun kissed glow.For a deeper tan the best one to go for is the Self Tan Bronzing Lotion you can wash it off within an hour but if you want a darker tan then I would suggest leaving it on overnight.

No. 3 Bellamianta Tanning Mitt

By far the best mitt I've ever tried! The easiest and most even application. The velvet texture allows for a streak free and even finish. Retailing at the reasonable price of €9.95, This tanning mitt is a must have for any tan fanatic... Trust me! It'll make your tanning life so much easier!

No.4 Bioxidea - 24 Hour Miracle Face Mask

I only found out about this face mask this Christmas when I received it as a gift off my boyfriend because he said I might stop giving out about "all my spots" if this works... how charming I know ! But on a serious note I have seen some improvements in the texture of my skin, my skin feels smoother I haven't had any major breakouts which is unusual especially coming up to my time of the month.. so it makes me wonder is it the mask having miraculous results or is it just pure luck! 

This pack comes with three face masks, some people recommend to use it coming up to special occasion to make sure your skin is in top condition.
To check out some more of their products you can click the link below

What are your  favourite products  so far this year? 

Xx Lisa B 


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