By Lisa Barry

Thursday, 5 January 2017

2017- Life And Creative Goals

"To be well travelled is not to have been to every destination in the world, but it is to be a person that takes from those experiences in each destination" 

My 2017 journey ......

While I have lazed about the last few months I have realised that I have lost sight of what I wanted to achieve in 2016... 
After returning home from Barcelona it all suddenly came to a halt! My online presence took a hit, some may say that it is a good thing to take a step back from social media from time to time, of course it is. The problem is I took a huge step back. I lost my motivation to post frequently and instead of being something that made me excited to get home and get started on, I just shrugged off any form of creative inspiration and let it spiral throughout the end of 2016.

My 2017 GOALS

- Take my Instagram, Youtube and blog to the next level  
- Post more frequently 
-Try sushi
-Cook more
-Work harder
- Learn how to drive (like seriously have to!)
-Start updating my Art Portfolio
-Travel more in Ireland 
- Look into college courses / apply 
-Eat cleaner and exercise more 
-Plan a holiday with my boyfriend 
- Have a girly getaway
-Learn to love the way I look more 
-Make a difference in someones life 
-Volunteer for a Charity
- Smile and enjoy the little things more

So yes 2017 will hopefully be my year! and however many times someone says that or writes it down in a blog post... I really do mean it! 

That girl who set up her Youtube channel and posted her first fashion inspired picture on Instagram in 2014 needs to return and this year. The year of 2017 

Is hopefully her year .......


What are your goals this year?

Lisa x


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