By Lisa Barry

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Retail Marketing - A display I found compelling

While in Barcelona I decided to go roam the streets in search for some compelling and creative displays! while there was many wild and whacky displays, this one in the picture above I found to be a very good display. Its well laid out, the colours are good for this time of year and also I feel the clothing is great for the transition from summer to fall! The display is from Mango Barcelona. It was the first thing I saw when I walked into the store and it capture my attention immediately which I think is the main objective for displays, 

Also I think the display works because the clothing is very versatile for all body types and skin colour. It is not just aimed at one group of people but whether you are size 6 or size 14 you could mix and match the clothing in this display to make it suit your own body type which will also create more sales, as more people will be able to see themselves wearing the items. The way the colour red and brown ties into the looks gives it a dash of colour which I think gives the display a bit of edge instead of being all black and navy! 

Overall this display for me was very compelling! not just because it appealed to me and my fashion sense but also because I feel it would appeal to a lot of consumers and it would have a major impact on sales in the store!


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