By Lisa Barry

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Feather Headband - Bohemian Inspired - PARSONS X TEEN VOGUE ASSIGNMENT

By taking part in this course, it has given me a better understanding into what I would like to pursue in the fashion industry. Before this course my mind was a jumble of styling, photography and marketing however now the prospect of having all of those things while designing my own accessory line is overwhelming ! While designing the headband it gave me an insight into some hidden talents of mine! I have always loved art, drawing anything creative captured me.

While I sat there in my room coming up with a design inspired by different objects I found intriguing I imagined the whole collection. Jewellery, clutches, totes and backpacks. Ive realised this is an area that I would like to look more into and just maybe have my own creations placed in wardrobes all over the world!

Feather Headband 
Monochrome rope €3
jute roll €1.50
feathers (green) €2
feathers (pink) €2
.5 hours @ €10.00 €5
20% profit €2.70
Total cost plus profit  €16.20
Estimated Retail Price  €20.00

In regards to the pricing for this feather head band! I think they are reasonable and fairly priced.

To be sold and €20.00 in stores, I think is a very good price considering the amount of time gone into them, the headbands are all made by hand! If I were to create a large amount of these headbands I would maybe consider a different method of manufacturing, however I think the quality would be better if they were hand made, because you can pay more attention to detail.

Overall this assignment has thought me about what goes into designing, making and selling an accessory or any other item of clothing.


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