By Lisa Barry

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

All Out In Denim

Yes…we all have our moments, happy, sad, confused, angry or even the one complete ludicrous moment of despair when we decide to believe life is easy. Truth is life is NOT easy, reminiscing the long fulfilled days as a child where I had no worries of money, college, work and overall everyday moments that may be lil bit of a Debbie downer on things. Its harder to believe in your dreams at this age because you have more of a perspective on reality..instead of living on the colourful pages of my crayola filled notebooks as a child where I built my huge empire. I now live on a path that you could say thousands of others thread upon just hoping to land eventually on something that can bring them back to their own crayola days! I for one am still threading.. three years later hoping one day…everything will just magically fall at my feet.. but lets be "realistic" as everyone always so annoyingly quotes to me things are not that easy these days. You have to work hard, earn your way to the top. Yes sounds like such effort…is it worth it, are your dreams that important to you that you would give up basically your whole life to fight for them? for me... honestly I'm still figuring it out...

So I've decided to jump straight back into my creative side with more blog posts, Instagram post and Youtube videos. With exciting changes in my life coming up, what better time to start fresh Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you like the outfit I styled!Thank you to Niamh for helping me and taking the pictures for me! 

Until next time xx Lisa B


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